🚀Launchpad: Coin Listing
The cryptocurrency world is thriving with new projects everyday. However, not all the projects make it to last long term and achieve the success they deserve. In order to increase the rate of success for cryptocurrency startups and promising projects, GokuMarket has made sure the project token/coin listing process becomes completely transparent and follows a governance process. The GokuMarket Community will decide which projects get listed by helping to cast votes on proposed projects. Following this process, we ensure there will be no barrier to entry for cryptocurrency startups and we have waived off the listing fees. The launchpad is divided into Listing application, Voting pool & Initial Exchange Offering.
  • Listing applications can be submitted by a KYC verified business account on GokuMarket, once the due diligence is performed by the compliance team of GokuMarket, then the qualified projects are listed for voting.
  • Voting pool ensures the project gets a minimum number of votes, using GMC to cast the votes. Once the voting is completed, if the voting requirements are achieved, then the token/coin is approved for listing. In this case all the voters receive the airdrops of the project’s token/coin in the same weighted proportion as their casted GMC vote. However, if the voting requirements are not met for the project, all the voters receive a refund of the GMC used to cast their vote. An already listed coin/token project can also enable various real world utilities, using modules like staking, buy with credit & debit card, additional trading pairs, ecommerce, and more by going through the voting process.
  • Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) is an optional step, selected by the listing project unless the project decides they can skip the IEO and directly get listed for trading and other predefined modules.
Last modified 5mo ago
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