🎭Loyalty & Benefits
Registered users of GokuMarket’s regulated financial services platform can achieve loyalty based rankings called “G-Ranks” from G1 to G10, which is defined based on engagement of the registered user. Various factors affecting the loyalty rank are Trading volume, Rewards volume, GokuMarket Credit holdings and commitments to the pre-launch features. Benefits of loyalty ranks includes:
  • Trading fee discount. There is a 5% discount on instant & spot trading fees in an incremental manner based on the user's loyalty ranks.
  • Higher affiliate rewards. There are higher affiliate rewards on various products depending on rank and product or feature of GokuMarket. On trading fees, up to 55% of the rewards can be earned by users.
  • Airdrops. On the new coin listings from the launchpad, airdrops are credited to users based on their loyalty rank.
Last modified 5mo ago
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