🔊Marketing Programs
GokuMarket offers opportunities to Social Media Influencers, YouTubers, Affiliate Marketers & Coin listing agents. The reward system of GokuMarket is designed to offer benefits to anyone who brings business to the platform, the various marketing programs designed are:
  • Official Influencers Program. This program empowers social media marketers & influencers to monetize from their posts and profile by sharing a customized affiliate code, when users join with that code, they get benefited in rewards as well as the approved official influencer gets rewarded.
  • YouTubers. This program allows YouTubers to submit their YouTube videos mentioning GokuMarket along with their positive experience and recommendations. On submitting the video, based on views and subscribers of the YouTuber they get rewarded generously in crypto currencies.
  • Affiliate Marketers. This program allows affiliates to earn by referring users who generate business for GokuMarket, so whenever GokuMarket collects any fees, based on the type of service, then up to 55% percent of the collected fees is shared with the affiliates. There are various types of affiliate rewards such as direct, differential, elite & revshare.
  • Coin Listing Agents. This program enables Coin Listing Agents as Affiliates to submit listing applications free of charge and when the project has been successfully voted for listing, then 20% of the total worth of GMC collected for the casted votes is rewarded in USDT to the Affiliate Coin Listing Agent.

Last modified 5mo ago
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