📊Trading Services
Trading performed on GokuMarket is facilitated by Binance as the exchange & liquidity partner, which ensures best rates & minimum spread on the order books. Additionally, GokuMarket offers trading bots with the help of Mudrex, a Y-combinator backed algorithmic trading platform and Binance’s Broker Program. The trading services are divided into Instant, Spot, Swap, Purchase with credit card & Trading bots.
  • Instant enables newbies to quickly buy or sell cryptocurrencies using EUR & other cryptocurrencies. For example, users can quickly sell Bitcoin to obtain Euros and similarly buy Bitcoin using Euros with SEPA bank transfer.
  • Spot enables traders to perform peer-to-peer trading where GokuMarket’s matching engine matches the orders from the order books by identifying makers & takers. The traders can place market, limit & stop-loss orders to trade. Spot trading also provides trading view with advanced tools.
  • Margin trading allows traders to borrow trading capital and trade to maximize the profits. The interest on borrowed funds can be paid in GokuMarket Credit at a discount.
  • Swap enables crypto holders to quickly exchange one cryptocurrency to another instantaneously.
  • Purchase with credit & debit card enables newbies to quickly buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and GokuMarket Credit at the best price with the help of MoonPay & Mercuryo partnerships.
  • Trading bots enables crypto holders to minimize the risk of their asset holdings in a bear market and maximize the gain on their asset holdings in a bull market with the help of Mudrex’s algorithmic trading solutions, users can choose from a variety of strategies.
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