💳Visa Debit Card
GokuMarket is committed to offering real-world utilities to cryptocurrencies whether it is shopping for products or the ability to use cryptocurrency as a form of payment at physical stores or withdraw cash at an ATM machine. GokuMarket ensures that crypto transactions get as real as they can for everyone’s daily lifestyle and our partnership with Visa & Crypterium ensures that this becomes reality. The GokuMarket Visa debit card will work in more than 150 countries across the Middle-east, Europe, South America, Asia & Australia. The key features of the Visa debit card includes.
  • Top-up the card using GokuMarket Credits
  • Purchase the card using GokuMarket Credits
  • Euro as native currency on the card
  • ATM withdrawals
  • PoS payments at physical stores
  • Online transactions
Last modified 5mo ago
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