🧳Wallet Operations
Wallet technology & infrastructure is built with C4: Cryptocurrency Security Standard (CCSS) by the help of multiple blockchain technology partners like Tatum, BitGo & Seracle. This ensures security of user funds and reliability of blockchain infrastructure.
Wallet system is designed for GokuMarket users to send & receive cryptocurrencies and track their portfolio for PnL calculations. The wallet infrastructure is divided into Main, Trade, Rewards, Staking & Merchant.
  • Main wallet is connected with blockchain and can be used for depositing and withdrawing cryptocurrencies in/out of the account. The withdrawal fees are dependent on the blockchain's network fee at the given instance. However, the withdrawals among GokuMarket users can be achieved with mobile numbers at no cost and free of charge.
  • Trade wallet is connected with an advanced spot trading terminal where funds are managed when users make trades. Users can transfer funds from trade to the main wallet at no cost.
  • Rewards wallet is connected with the earning features. Therefore, all types of rewards earned are credited into the rewards wallet, from which rewarded users can transfer them to the main wallet at no cost. However, there are daily limits of rewards withdrawal based on users loyalty level on the platform defined by the G-Rank.
  • Staking wallet is connected with staked or locked funds modules so that users can track their staked funds. The funds are automatically released when the staking matures.
  • Merchant wallet is connected with a seller's account on ecommerce. Whenever there is a sale of the merchant's product, the payments by buyers are collected into the merchant wallet. Merchant can withdraw from the merchant wallet to the main wallet at no cost.
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