Core Team

Koji Fujishiro - Chief Executive Officer

Koji is based out of Japan and has over 10 years of experience in various industries including real estate construction & management, business strategy consulting, government contracting, and organic health and wellness products. He is an experienced entrepreneur who has successfully initiated, raised capital and managed multiple startup ventures.

Christian Skoglund - Chief Marketing Officer

Christian is born and raised in Sweden and has over 18 years of experience in the finance and operations of businesses all around the world. He has been in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry since 2017 and is passionate about empowering people with knowledge.

Marek Holub - Chief Product Officer

Marek is based in the Czech Republic and has over 10 years of experience in digital overall and with a deep knowledge of marketing, banking, software development, and the crypto industry. He has been a seasoned leader and early crypto adopter since 2013. As the Chief Product Officer, his goal is to help users break through the crypto adoption barriers, so they can feel safe and enjoy the benefits that the cryptocurrency industry has to offer.

Jonathan Phan - Chief Risk Officer

Jonathan comes on board from France with over 5 years of experience in investment banking, trading, and risk management. He sees blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies playing an important role in our global financial system. In his role of Chief Risk Officer, he solves business-driven challenges across Asia and Europe and insures that GokuMarket comply with local regulators.

Takuto Chihara - Chief Development Officer

Takuto is a Japanese citizen and has over 25 years of operations and development experience in the industries of architectural design, real estate construction, and asset management. His successful track record includes proven expertise in the areas of controlling costs, bottom-line business profitability, growth hacking, and capital appreciation.

Jaeyawat Manphadungkij - Chief Operations Officer

Jaeyawat is from Thailand and has over 5 years of experience in the cryptocurrency industry. He specializes in technical analysis trading and is very passionate about the research of blockchain projects and is an early crypto adaptor since 2016.

​​Myrtle Anne - VP Growth & Partnerships

Myrtle is from the Philippines. She is a Blockchain and Crypto enthusiast since 2015. She has helped hundreds of companies to transform their businesses to disrupt, adjust or scale in the industry. She utilizes the latest technological tools and products to help companies build from scratch. Her uniqueness of supervising over 1000+ Media Publications makes her a well-experienced marketer who is heavily involved in blockchain technology.
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