GokuMarket’s newest addition, Exchange is the highlight of the GokuMarket ecosystem. GokuMarket DEX aims to be the marketplace for the blockchain economy by extending the boundaries of DeFi and eCommerce. The idea is to enable users to shop physical and digital products using crypto. Buy, Sell or Trade seamlessly with GokuMarket’s easy-to-navigate interface. The revamped exchange has extended its wing in various verticals, namely -


With GokuMarket DEX, users can swap or trade any cryptocurrencies they desire without having to go through a centralized exchange. With decentralization at the heart of our platform, users can vest their trust in our platform while having complete control over their holdings.

Liquidity Pool

Liquidity is essential for an exchange to grow. However, the essence of decentralization can only be retained if the source of liquidity within the platform are its users too. Contributing to the liquidity pool has more than a few reasons, but at the top of it is to earn an additional passive income and true liberation of a platform. To easily facilitate features like swapping and trading, liquidity is of paramount importance as it contributes to the reduction of cost in the process. Moreover, being a liquidity provider can enable you to earn additional rewards in the form of LP tokens.