Prediction Rewards

Prediction Market lets you earn higher rewards with the simple prediction of market moving up or down.

How is the payout calculated?

  • Payout Ratio for UP Pool = Total Value of Both Pools ÷ Value of UP Pool
  • Payout Ratio for DOWN Pool = Total Value of Both Pools ÷ Value of DOWN Pool
For example, if there’s 15 GMC in the DOWN side of a round, and the overall prize pool is 150GMC, the DOWN payout ratio will be (150/15)=10x.
  • Payout Amount = Payout Ratio × Position × (1 - Fee)
In the above case, if the round ends on a DOWN result, if you committed 2 GMC to a DOWN position, you’d get a payout of (2*10) × (1-0.05) = 19.0 GMC. Your profit would be 17.0 GMC (19.0 - 2).
The fee is currently set at 5%

What are the fees for Prediction?

5% of each round's total pot will go as fees which will be used in the following manner:
Percentage Share
DAO Revenue Share
Treasury Fees