The gamified internet culture metaverse on blockchain awaits! Own pixels, create paintings, and expand your territory on a map, all by conquest!
Rage your tanks or make friends, make your creation seen, and make real money along the way. Join the epic Internet culture war with your pixel!
Pixel Land
90000 Pixel lands presented as NFTs fully ownable by anyone. A pixel is a home base for tanks and represents a color unit on the Placedonia map.
Build Your Homebase
Collect resources, construct buildings, and defend your Pixel. Pixels of higher rarity level have more building options or resource production.
Create To Win
Earn by creating! Get qualified to submit your painting to PlaceDAO and get voted on to win the Creator Reward each season!
Multichain NFT Playground
Own Your Game Tank, Defender, Pixel, Tech, you own your in-game assets as NFTs and trade freely in the Marketplace.
NFT Bridge
A multi-chain NFT bridge that allows you to transfer your NFT assets.