Once upon a time beyond our universe, there was a place with countless different species living together in harmony. This graceful land was called the SeederVerse. All living things there owe their existence to one powerful entity, The Great Tree.
The Great Tree was the first in the universe to exist and it has knowledge and power far greater than anything imaginable. Its seeds sprout new lifeforms, evolving alongside the species around it and many believe that it can grant that power to those it deems worthy.
Millions of years have passed since the dawn of The Great Tree and many life forms have evolved. Some bear great intelligence alongside advanced civilization and technology. However, the population of the SeederVerse was divided, two idealist factions came of the split, the futurist ForthSeekers and the realist SeedKeepers.
The two clashed upon the future of the SeederVerse, the ForthSeekers who want the advancement in the technology of the realm versus the SeedKeepers’ intent to keep the SeederVerse stabilized to prevent future debacles.
Both sides will need Champions to fight for their cause, which side will you join?
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