GokuMarket Credit is a tradable utility token. GMC has various use cases on the GokuMarket DAO, some of which are:
  • Earn: GokuMarket Credit (GMC) will be used as the reward currency for Market Price Prediction, Lottery, and all other rewards shared to its members.
  • DAO: GMC will be used as the native currency of the GokuMarket DAO and decentralized exchange for pledging, proposals, voting, revenue sharing and governance.
  • NFT Marketplace: GMC will be used at purchase currency along with others to facilitate the buy and sell of the NFTs.
  • Metaverse: Revenue generated from Play-to-Earn guilds, scholarship businesses & up and coming P2E games would be in GMC.
  • Community Rewards: Staking/Liquidity rewards, bug bounty rewards or any rewards across the GokuMarket platform will be paid in GMC.