Work Proposals
GokuMarket is a community-driven project where we pivot based on market trends and community demands.
As an initiative to formalize the community-driven development, GokuMarket now allows GokuMarket Credit holders to create work proposals on which users can vote and where each vote carries a weight based on the use of GokuMarket Credit.
Each work proposal is then reviewed and scoped for product development, based on the GMC voting weight. The key elements for work proposals are:
  • Nominating Work Proposal. This requires the GokuMarket Credit holder to spend GMC in order to nominate a detailed work proposal.
  • Weighted Vote. The GokuMarket Credit holders are required to vote on the proposal by spending their GMC to add weight to the vote. Usually, not out of compulsion the average weight of the vote is 5 GMC.
  • Voting Benefits. The voters get rewarded from time to time for participating in decision-making for product development.
Last modified 3mo ago
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